September 8 - 14, 2013: Issue 127

 Spring Into Spring Cleaning

The best way to clean according to those grand dames who raised us, yes dear old mum, is to work from the top down. Makes sense really when you consider there’s no point washing the floors and then getting the cobwebs off the ceiling…onto your nice clean floors.

So you start at the top – wrap a clean rag around the head of a broom, and run this end around those high ceilings and their corners to dislodge the sticky webs that have built up.

The other big task around here, as we have a big collector of ‘arte-facts’, is getting all those knick knacks into hot water, with a little soap, or into the dishwasher, so you can get at and clean or polish the wood or glass beneath them. This may take the longest but the smell of a dust free room is worth it.

We live in a salt air paradise – great to breathe, sticky to clean – vinegar will cut through the salty crust that builds up on your windows, and those window wipers will forestall going through a small trees worth of kitchen paper to polish a soap and vinegar mix off. The homemade recipe made here, and then placed into a recycled squirter bottle, is 1 tablespoon of detergent to 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 litre of water. If you choose the biodegradable detergent you won’t be poisoning the garden outside your windows.

Blinds and curtains are the keenest clingers of dust and a nice coat of dirt will build up if they’re not regularly cleaned. Curtains are easy – off to the dry cleaners they go. Blinds, if wooden, will absorb moisture. A soft cotton glove or one of those now available as hand scrubbers for bodies when in the shower work well too. Simply don said glove and run over each slat. Plastic versions, if filthy, can be soaked in the bathtub overnight and then simply rinsed off.

Bedding – mattresses should be turned, all mattress protectors, valances and under blankets washed and hung in bright sunshine and salt breezes.

Now you’re working through everything between the ceiling and floor – putting on some favourite music and turning it into a bit of a workout can bring a bit of zing, turns mundane into medicinal. Cleaning can be pleasant, and the affect of having achieved this will bring good feelings, but it’s not surfing or sailing, is it? So you may as well add a bit of enjoyment into the equation.

Pull out all of that crockery, clean the bottoms of those cupboards, keep going and going until you know every corner in every cupboard and room is dust free. If Spring is the season of renewal and for the new in everything, you have clean out the old to allow room for the new and getting rid of all those odours is going to make your house as you’d have it.

The fridge – if you still have a collection of leftovers from earlier in winter, it’s time to relinquish them. If you’re bottom drawer has potatoes that are now attempting to grow again, it’s time to put them back into good earth. Release them! Place them in your compost bin or dig them back into the garden. If you have a fridge that can be dismantled for getting rid of every little spill, that’s great. If you have an older version the vinegar theory will cut through that strange sticky hardened mess that cannot be identified any longer. Simply spray on and leave for a little while. A few drops of vanilla essence will get rid of lingering odours.

Down to the floors – vacuum first so you’re not mopping up bits of grit and dust, and when your water is dirty, change it – otherwise you will simply be washing your floors with last seasons dust – probably NOT the result you’re after.

Wardrobe – if you still have the size six jeans that you wore during the second year of high school, and have held onto them simply because they are still in great condition due to the way clothes were made ‘back then’ but do not have a daughter who is likely to covet ‘retro stuff’, it may be time to let them go. You will never be dancing in those again, they were worn by child size limbs and you are now an adult. A similar method can be applied to other articles of clothing that is not that Rolling Stones t-shirt that you bought at that concert in the 1970’s, and still quite happily wear despite its rag like appearance, and will never let go. Washed clean clothes can be given to local Vinnies, Red Cross and other non-profit organisations and someone who doesn’t have a shirt, or whose child would love those jeans, will get to feel how you felt the first time you put them on.

And there you go – a bright sparkling home to go with the bright sparkling season. Bliss! Take off your shoes and walk around in your bare feet – sip bubbling water or bubbling vino – you have earned it!

For all of you who have allergies to cleaning products based on harsh chemicals or prefer pristine environments instead of degraded ones, Christina Stewart, our own local ENJO lady, has great news for you. In September and October 2013 ENJO is supporting and fundraising for the McGrath Foundation.

Details below and some information on this product range from Christina herself.

For all of you who are not going to join in the Spring cleaning, or if you do it will entail moving the dust from this corner here to that corner over there – yes, you know who you are - please visit this week’s DIY Hints page and get thee to the garden – Johnson Brothers have some great Spring Garden specials running currently and your time may be best spent among the birds, bees and trees.


ENJO –  a permanent cleaning tool – why pay over and over for the same stuff? Buy once and keep using – good for the environment too – no chemicals, no fumes, no waste.

ENJO is going PINK PINK PINK for a great cause during September and October. We’re helping to support the McGrath Foundation and really getting behind them to make the lives of those affected by breast-cancer just that little bit more bearable. We have teamed up with the McGrath Foundation and a dollar from every pink fibre you buy in September and October go to the Breast cancer Nurses who provide such an awesome service.

ENJO has produced a limited edition Pink Body Fibre Range and PINK Bamboo T-Towels!!! $ 12 each or $ 48 for 5. Our PINK specials are a Body Special including PINK Daily Face Offs, PINK Face Cloth and PINK Face Glove as well as PINK & White Bamboo T-Towels and PINK Grapefruit Dishwashing Liquid. Plus every order over $49 at a demo gets a free Pink Mimosa Handwash and a large laundry bag! So get the girls together for drinks after work, a morning tea, your Mothersgroup, your Yoga Class, and together we can make a difference!

ENJO and the McGrath Foundation share a passion to help thousands of Australians care for themselves - the McGrath Foundation do this by providing 85 McGrath Breast Care Nurses who support over 20,000 families nationally while ENJO do this by helping thousands of Aussies find their way to a chemical-free and healthier home.

We feel this shared passion lays the foundation for the perfect partnership, giving ENJO the opportunity to provide support to the McGrath Foundation in their mission to make life with breast cancer in Australia just that little bit easier.

Like most Australians, we at ENJO all have friends and family we’ve supported through a cancer experience and we’d love you to join us in supporting the incredible work the McGrath Foundation is doing to improve breast cancer care and breast cancer awareness right across our nation. So, it’s with great pride that we launch this fabulous range of Limited Edition Pink Fibres, Pack and Special Offers to support the McGrath Foundation.

This new product range is not just a pretty fibre! For every pink product that you purchase, whether it’s a single item or a Pack between 28 August and 31 October, we’ll donate $1 to the McGrath Foundation.

The Pink Pack in the photo is on special for $79 (save $25). This includes 7 x Daily Face Off Pads, Face Glove & Face Mini. See more on my ENJO Facebook page.

So, your Spring resolution is to look after your health? Let me help you with that! No, I will not be your personal trainer, dietician or training buddy, but please read on.

Exercise, Healthy Food and (hopefully) De-toxing are probably top of your list, however, don’t forget to detox the place where you and your family spend a great deal of your time – your home! What good is ridding your body of toxins if you then liberally apply neurotoxins (e.g. Bleach) all over your surfaces which you absorb through your skin and breath in.

Any Asthma sufferers in your family?
There you jog trying hard to build up your cardio-vascular system and then go home and breath in VOCs (CLEANING AGENTS , FURNITURE POLISH, ROOM SPRAYS, FABRIC SOFTENERS, TOILET CLEANER,..) which have the potential to reduce your lung capacity by up to 50%. Instead you could eliminate the three top causes and triggers of Asthma: Mould, Dust and Chemical fumes in one easy hit by cleaning with ENJO Microfibres instead.

Prevention before cure
Many sicknesses have been linked to chemicals. You can help prevent these sicknesses (like cancer, depression, eczema,..) by ridding yourself and your home of nasty and potentially harmful chemicals and go ENJO! The choice is yours.
At ENJO we use superior quality Microfibres and just add water and get a better, deeper and healthier clean. Tests prove that ENJO Microfibres kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, yet none of the good bacteria in your gut. An Anti-bacterial spray does not discriminate and attacks your gut bacteria, which compromises your immune system. (Something they don’t tell you on the TV ads!)

Give me a call, I am happy to pop in and show you how ENJO works, how to save you time, the environment, money and your health.
Have a few friends over for a cuppa and earn yourself some great host rewards!
Best Wishes and a healthy Spring 2013,

Christina Stewart
Your personal ENJO consultant
Contact me on my Facebook page
Or by phone or email:
Ph: 9918 2000, Mobile: 0414 489 857

Text by Christina Stewart and A J Guesdon, 2013.