March 25 -31, 2012: Issue 51



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 Pregnancy to Prams

Jodie Turner is one of our local ladies who is adapting her lifestyle to incorporate being a new mum and still being active as a qualified Fitness Trainer. By beginning a great business to cater for those in the same boat, a great idea has been brought to fruition in what is Pregnancy to Prams. In between caring for her new tot and attending to those whom attend her classes, Jodie answered a few questions.

Why is it important to exercise during pregnancy ?

Research supports that moderate exercise is safe in pregnancy and offers many benefits including:
• Prevention or reduction of most pregnancy related symptoms including back pain, ankle swelling, fatigue, venous thrombosis & Varicose veins
• Enhanced psychological well-being
• Reduced cardiovascular stress
• Reduced incidence of preeclampsia
• Prevention of excess weight gain
• Maintenance of Fitness
• Easier labour and delivery
• Faster recovery after delivery
Many women will be able to continue their regular exercise program throughout their entire pregnancy. However other women due to obstetric complications or specific discomforts may only be able to tolerate mild exercise or have to cease exercise completely. Even though it is safe for most pregnant women to exercise no pregnancy women should begin an exercise program without medical clearance.

How does Pregnancy to Prams cater for the busy new mum - and how do these exercises fit in with a new bub?

Pregnancy to Prams specialise in pre and post-natal exercise with programs catered to meet the needs of pregnant women as well as mums with bubs.
Our sessions are designed to help mums easily incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle while conveniently being able to bring their babies and children along to our fitness sessions.

We make our sessions affordable for mothers at only $15 per session or a 10 session pass for $135 which includes FREE child minding at each session, we set up a play pen for crawling babies on the move while toddlers and older kids are supervised while they enjoy playing on the outdoor play equipment or run around and exercise with mum.

Our Mums have a great time and are guaranteed to make you laugh while you work-out our sessions are fun-filled and interactive, giving you a chance to bond with other mothers in a vibrant environment. We provide you with everything you need to regain your fitness levels. At Pregnancy to Prams we strive to keep our mums continually challenged, gaining maximum results, personal satisfaction and positive life changes

Why did you begin this business ?

I started planning Pregnancy To Prams when I fell pregnant with my son Bowie (now 8 months old) I had worked in the Fitness Industry as a personal Trainer on and off for over 9 years and so I wanted to help other mothers regain their fitness levels, get back into shape and also avoid any health complications associated with pregnancy and labour, offering ladies a faster recovery after birth while avoiding post natal depression. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so beneficial for yourself and for your baby.

I completed my certificate III in fitness and my Certificate IV in personal training straight after completing High School.  I came across so many mothers throughout the years who had suffered from post natal depression known as baby blues, 13% of women are affected with post natal depression commencing in the first three months post birth, exercise is one of the best things to combat postpartum depression keeping yourself and your mind positive and strong is needed to be able to look after your new little bundle of joy. 

My fitness qualifications have always been kept up to date by completing regular industry courses and a current first aid certificate, more recent courses I have completed included pre and post exercise prescription and Thump Boxing

Where and when does this take place ?

Pregnancy to Prams sessions currently run on Monday, Tuesday and Friday Mornings located in Newport for more information please see our website

Jodie Turner has also started a new business called Fitz Fitness which is evening group exercise sessions for males and females.