September 2 - 8, 2012: Issue 74

2012 Pittwater Council Elections - Candidates

Council elections are to be held next Saturday 8th September

Pittwater Online News has invited the Pittwater candidates to provide a profile to assist our readers before next Saturday. All candidates have been given a maximum of three hundred words and their contributions are published as received by us. Candidates have not been charged for their profiles. Click on the candidate's name to view their profile.

North Ward

Selena Griffith (The Greens) Group A

Stewart Matthews (Independent) Group B

Bob Grace (Independent)  Group C

Alex McTagget (Independent) Group D

Central Ward

Kylie Ferguson (Independent) Group A

Sue Young (Independent) Group B

Ian White (Independent) Group C

Jim Colbeck (Independent) Ungrouped

South Ward

Kay Millar (Independent) Group A

Julie Hegarty (Independent) Group B

Jacqui Townsend (Independent) Group C