December 21 - 27, 2014: Issue 194

Pittwater Camera Club‏ - Images of the Year 2014

 Projected image of the Year, Mike Maher  - Fremantle Docks

Pittwater Camera Club‏ - Award Winners and Images of the Year 2014

Pittwater Camera Club has enjoyed another successful year with members gaining acceptances in National & State competitions.

With Pittwater RSL Club Inc. as our new meeting venue and supporter, club members are enjoying the great facilities that the club has made available. Our meetings in the Auditorium will begin 30 minutes earlier next year, at 7.30pm. Interested new members or visitors can check our agenda for next year at

Membership is steady at around 50 keen photographers, ranging in experience from beginner to very high skill levels. The Club remains a wonderful environment to learn and develop photographic skills. Our regular tutorials will continue in 2015 as well as having experienced adjudicators critique our images. This helps us understand what makes a successful image and leads to improvement in our photographic skills.

The clubs first meeting in 2015 will be a tutorial by talented photographer Brent Pearson on low light image making.

On December 8th the club held it's annual Images of the Year night when members put forward their best images of 2014 for critique. The club champion and awards for the year were announced.

The award winners are
Newport Travel Award 2014: Bob Hunting

Pittwater Challenge 2014: Sandra Smith

Jim Mullens Award 2014 for Landscape: Mike Maher

Reg Angus award 2014 Nature: John Taylor

Shirley Fealy Award 2014 Creative: Sue Klevelaan

Encouragement Awards: Darryl Bullock, Takis Pallas, Ben Copeland

Colour Prints 2014
1st place Sue Kleverlaan
2nd place equal Ruth Purnell
2nd place equal Mike West
3rd place Airlie Andrews
Most Improved Trevor Holman

Mono Prints 2014
1st place Mike West
2nd place Airlie Andrews
3rd place equal Sue Kleverlaan
3rd place equal Mark Godfrey
Most Improved Alan Purnell

Projected Images 2014
1st place Mike west
2nd place Airlie Andrews
3rd place Mark Godfrey

Photographer Of The Year 2014

1st place Mike West
2nd place Sue Kleverlaan
3rd place Airlie Andrews

Judged on the night were the 3 following awards

Colour Print Of The Year Mike West
Mono Print Of the Year Bill Roberts
Projected Image Of The Year Mike Maher

 Colour Print of the Year, Mike West. Hard Life (Indian street scene).

 Mono Print of the Year, Bill Roberts. Here-kitty-kitty (the lion).

 Article by John Taylor - PCC, 2014.