October 12 - 18, 2014: Issue 184

  Pittwater Aquatic Club Celebrates Its 90th Birthday

 Club view showing the PAC clubhouse and marina and the Winnererremy Bay on the lower part of the picture.

 Pittwater Aquatic Club Celebrates Its 90th Birthday

by Casey Van Dyke, Director PAC

The Pittwater Aquatic Club Mona Vale is celebrating its 90th Birthday on 15th November 2014. The highlight of its celebrations will be a Rock and Roll Ball. The Club which offers boating facilities to its Members was formed in 1924.

The Club started off as a rowing club and was actively engaged in competitions with other rowing Clubs in Sydney. Originally the Club was located where the Tennis Club rooms were subsequently built by Warringah Council in Bayview. The Membership then was about 70 Members.

Interest in rowing dwindled and with the outbreak of the Second World War the Club was dormant for some years. In 1956 a new Committee was formed which revitalised the Club with the particular aims of providing facilities where Members could care for their boats and address problems of dropped moorings, theft from boats and navigation matters. At this time the Club was known as the Pittwater Marine Social Club.

The Committee at this time consisted of W. Weston Chairman, John McLaren Vice Chairman, Merton Cooke Secretary and Committee Members Father G. Parker, Allen Barnes, Chas Williams and a Mr. R Benham. Shortly after this the Club amalgamated with another Marine Club and became known as the Pittwater Aquatic Club Co-Operative Ltd.

The Club today is located in the Esplanade Mona Vale with water frontage on to Winnererremy Bay, affectionately known as “the puddle”. The Club offers Boat Owner Members the facility to be able to work on their own boats. This is rare on the waters around Sydney today. In addition to the Clubhouse operational facilities include slipping and work berth facilities as well as marina berths, moorings, a secure yard for trailer boat storage and off street car parking.

The Club is environmentally conscious and has a state of the art water treatment system which cleanses waste antifouling wash to a very high standard. The Club has Solar panels on the Clubhouse roof and makes a contribution to the improvement of the environment. 

PAC clubhouse with solar panels on the roof.

A grant from the State Government was used to install rain water tanks allowing the water used for washing of boats to be supplied from rain water. During a recent visit to the Club Environment Minister, Rob Stokes commended the Club for its environmentally responsible facilities and equipment.

Another feature of the Pittwater Aquatic Club, known as the PAC for short, is that it is run by volunteers allowing its Members to enjoy economical boating. The Club has a working bee once per year and usually around one hundred or more Members pitch in.

The PAC has a limit of just 400 Members and its popularity and penchant for economical boating has seen a wait list for membership of around 5 years. The Club Members enjoy the camaraderie and there are plenty of boat savvy senior Members to help newcomers.

Most Members heartily agree it is worth the wait. In addition to catering for motor vessels there is also a very active Sailing Division called Pittwater Sailors who have relaxed style competitions on our beautiful Pittwater.

The Clubhouse built ten years ago has excellent facilities and will be the venue for the 90th Anniversary Rock and Roll Ball for members of the Pittwater Aquatic Club.

 L to R: PAC Director Casey Van Dyke, PAC Commodore Chris Kavanagh and Rob Stokes, MP for Pittwater and NSW Environment Minister.

 Converted trawler Dorado 20 ton on PAC slip.