June 10 - 16, 2012: Issue 62     

Sunset by Paul Wheeler

Copyright Paul Wheeler, 2012. All Rights Reserved.


South Avalon, low tide, 3pm 6.6.2012, height of cliff approx 50 metres.

 Copyright Paul Wheeler, Geoff Clarke and Pittwater Online News, 2012. All Rights Reserved 

 Geoff Clarke's Photographs


Geoff Clarke's Hibiscus. Copyright Geoff Clarke, 2012.

Geoff Clarke's Whitewater photos from the storms this week: 6.6.2012

Avalon Beach

Avalon Pool; gone

 North Avalon Headland mid-afternoon 6.6.2012, approx. 60 metres, day after 110 km per hour winds from south, evening of 5.6.2012