January 12 - 18, 2014: Issue 145

 Johnny and Robey Carter’s 2014 Ironman and Ironwoman Comp at Palm Beach - A Pittwater Summer Tradition

A classic Summer in Pittwater includes the return of the swimming instructors Johnny and Robey Carter. During the school holidays swim session at 7a.m. culminate in a Ironman and Ironwoman carnival that’s as much for fun as it is to test out skills learnt by  our youngsters.

How do people get in contact with Johnny if they want to get their children into a class?

Johnny: After 65 years people know to just turn up here and I’ll give them a time to come down after school for private classes. My daughter Robey is running the business now, she teaches up Newcastle way and comes down to help me. I stay here until Easter.

Joanne Seve has sent in a few of those who have honed their aquatic skills this week and then competed for some nice prizes!

Teaching Swimming Skills  for 66 Years


Johnny correcting Elizabeth Kelly’s stroke

 L to R: Elizabeth Kelly, Genevieve Kelly, Bernadette Kelly, Alexandra Mitcherson, Libby Mitcherson & Therese Kelly

Ironman and Ironwoman Comp. 

Sand Sprint. 

Tug O' War 

Swim Relay 

The kids love Johnny. 

 Members of Team 2 Winners of the Johnny & Robey Ironman Comp at PB wearing Dame Edna prize sunglasses from Johnny & Robey

Pictures by Joanne Seve, 2014.