July 6 - 12, 2014: Issue 170

 Ingleside and West Pittwater Rural Fire Services Mid-Winter Training

Ingleside and West Pittwater NSWRFS Brigades members - picture courtesy Ingelside NSWRFS.

Ingleside and West Pittwater NSWRFS Brigades joined up yesterday (5th of July, 2014) to conduct some mapping training around the Bairne Trail in Ku-Ring-gai Chase National Park (West Head) overlooking this magnificent area of Pittwater.

On Thursday this week six members from Ingleside joined in Hazard Reductions assisting Hornsby Brigade - a clear indication of all the work that hoes on outside of bushfire season, the fellowship and camaraderie that prevails among these sterling volunteers and the generous support given by employers who ensure the men and women of our NSWRFS can attend to these vital operations in a timely and suitable manner.

Busy weekend for ‪Ingleside‬ with Trail Cutting, Mapping and training of new members. Just after lunch today (6.7.2014), Ingleside and ‪‎Tumbledown‬ Dick Brigade responded to Cottage Point to report of fire, which was found to be resident burning vegetation.

Whilst returning to Station, the Ingleside crew saw a vehicle over a ledge near Cottage Point. They immediately stopped and climbed down a steep hill to the vehicle to ensure no one was injured. Unable to locate anyone, NSW Police were called and attended to investigate.

All up, Ingleside had 16 volunteers out with the RFS over the weekend undertaking different activities.


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 Trail Cutting