June 5 -11, 2011: Issue 9 

Currawong Day, 29th of May, 2011

Above: Cake Image and Below: Friends of Currawong members Copyright Mike O'Flynn, All rights reserved by Volunteer Photography  

Above Council Crew  Image Copyright Michael Mannington
All rights reserved by Volunteer Photography

 Above: Hon. Bronwyn Bishop on Ferry with those she represents.  Image Copyright Mike O'Flynn. All rights reserved by Volunteer Photography

 All Images not Attributed to Volunteer Photography are Copyright of A J Guesdon and Pittwater Online News,  2011. All Rights Reserved

Cottages are named: Magpie, Lorikeet, Wallaby, Possom and Echidna. 

Any who attended Currawong Day and would like a copy of a photograph for which we possess the copyright on this page can contact us at:  pittwateronlinenews@live.com.au

Volunteer Photography can be found at: http://www.volunteerphotography.org/ Many thanks to Michael Mannington and Mike O'Flynn for the kind use of their images.

Of Interest: Kookaburras denote Success and Joy to our original Custodians, the Jacaranda tree, essence and flowers denote Clarity.