October 28 - November 3, 2012: Issue 82 

Evie, young songstress who sang first 

Jade and Hannah 

Merryn and Sophia 

Consul of Timor Leste Attends PFOS Soup for Soibada Evening

ON Friday night a wide range of delicious homemade soups drew a large crowd to the Scout Hall in Dunbar Park to feast and support the projects of the Pittwater Friends of Soibada. Klaus Sandles, a PFOS Committee member has arranged several of these Soup for Soibada events and each gets more popular. 

Attended by Consul Fonseca Dos Santos Pereira and his lovely wife Deolinda, the evening was a great success. Soups such as Spicy Lentil, Thai Coconut with seafood, Chilli, Bacon and Tomato, Vegetables and pasta, Potato and Leek or even a Chicken Minestrone ensured something was available for all tastes with many diners coming back for seconds and thirds. 

Entertainment  was provided by Year 10 students from Barrenjoey High School, with their tutor John Stone assisting them and offering encouragement. Also on show this evening were the just unpacked Pittwater Friends of Soibada t-shirts which we'll bring you more news on next issue. Especially where to get one from.
Consul Fonseca Dos Santos Pereira and wife Deolinda. 
Photos by A J Guesdon.