September 2 - 8, 2012: Issue 74      

Big Air School Pros (l to r): David, Callum, Daniel and Sean 

 Big Air School – Youth Engagement Program Visits Avalon Sunday 26th of August, 2012

BAS motto: ‘Enjoy. Engage. Inspire.’

Last Sunday at Avalon Skate rink the big Air school held an event for skateboards, scooters and bmx bikes. Although mostly local enthusiasts attended there were also a few from the other side of Sydney, such is the success of a relatively new venture in providing our next generation with what they enjoy and understand. With music provided by Aussie rapper Morganics – Bent Box rap, a Big Air sky above them and cool sea breezes to smoor all that sweating, the sixty plus in the rink practicing before the real action was underway were clearly enjoying themselves and quite serious about honing their skills. 

While watching the headlong and confident dives up concrete and into air only one word sprang to mind ‘fearless’. 

What is the Big Air School though? From their website;

Big Air School is a youth engagement program which delivers action sports entertainment and workshops throughout Australia. The sessions primarily cater for four disciplines – scooter, skate BMX and parkour; with lessons, clinics and competitions facilitated by some of Australia’s best known action sports athletes.

Through these confidence building exercises there is a strong emphasis on mental focus, overcoming inner doubt, concentration and respect – all of which are important principles of action sports. No two events are ever the same, as it depends on the student’s skill, focus AND the natural environment. The event is supported by a high profile DJ who also offers DJ/mixing/scratching lessons to interested participants.

The program is delivered throughout Australia and brings young people of both genders, all ages and all backgrounds to express and enjoy themselves. Big Air School’s main objectives are  social inclusion, safety and community pride.

Big Air School also offers event management services in relation to scooter, skate and BMX competitions and also offers entertainment packages for large events.

Jemima, the lady in charge, hopes they will return to Avalon in August. Well worth looking at should you be around while the next Big Air School visit is happening.