September 24 - October 7, 2017: Issue 331

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Diary of ten years eventful life of an early settler in Western Australia; and also A descriptive vocabulary of the language of the aborigines by George Fletcher Moore, Published 1884

Clever Criminals, Or, Recollections Of Botany Bay By John Lang, 1816-1864; James H. Graff, , Published 1870

Journeys Into The Wild: The Photography Of Peter Dombrovskis

Introduction and commentary by Bob Brown

While many photographers experiment with many different genres and subjects throughout their careers, Peter Dombrovskis remained faithful to his first love of wilderness photography.

Dombrovskis' images of the Tasmanian wilderness were instrumental in changing the way Australians think about their environment. In 2009, the Library acquired his archive of over 3,000 transparencies from his widow Liz Dombrovskis, who wished for the collection to go to a major cultural institution where it would be preserved and made accessible for future generations.

We are proud to present the first major exhibition of his life's work in Australia, featuring over 70 of his most powerful, unique and reflective images.
Dombrovskis: Journeys into the Wild opens on Thursday 21 September.

Join the Friends for a special exhibition preview on Tuesday 19 September, with an introductory lecture by former Australian Greens leader Dr Bob Brown.
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"Journeys into the Wild" is a poetic escape to a fragile and breathtaking wilderness, with celebrated photographer Peter Dombrovskis as our guide. In 2003, Dombrovskis was inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame, the first Australian and one of only 77 people to be accorded this honour worldwide. 

Bob Brown and Peter Dombrovskis forged their friendship in the battle to save the Gordon and Franklin rivers. During the campaign, Peter would take one of the most famous photographs in Australian history, "Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River". In this book, Brown introduces Dombrovskis' work and provides commentary on some of his favourite images, reproduced here in full colour with stunning clarity. 

From sweeping vistas of Tasmania to close-ups of a leaf's skeleton or a spider's web, these photographs are at once a paean to the wild and a plea to conserve it for future generations.
Author:   Introduction and commentary by Brown, Bob
Publisher:   National Library of Australia
Edition:   1st Edition
Pages:   200
Publication Date:   01 September 2017
Bind Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Availability:  This item is in stock and will be dispatched immediately. Purchase online here

Dampier, The Dutch and the Great South Land

by Rob Mundle
Paperback: $24.99 

The extraordinary story of how Dutch sailors found Australia and an English pirate almost beat Captain Cook. Rob Mundle is back on the water with another sweeping and powerful account of Australian maritime history. It is the story of 17th-century European mariners – sailors, adventurers and explorers – who became transfixed by the idea of the existence of a Great South Land: ‘Terra Australis Incognita’.

Rob takes you aboard the tiny ship, Duyfken, in 1606 when Dutch navigator and explorer, Willem Janszoon, and his 20-man crew became the first Europeans to discover Australia – on the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria. In the decades that followed, more Dutch mariners, like Hartog, Tasman, and Janszoon (for a second time), discovered and mapped the majority of the coast of what would become Australia. Yet, incredibly, the Dutch made no effort to lay claim to it, or establish any settlements. This process began with British explorer and former pirate William Dampier on the west coast in 1688, and by the time Captain Cook arrived in 1770, all that was to be done was chart the east coast and claim what the Dutch had discovered.

For the Love of Grace - The Next Generation

Pam Bayfield has just published the third book in the For the Love of Grace trilogy. These are historical novels set back in the 1850s following the adventures of Grace and her family. This one is set at the beginning of World War I and it is called For the Love of Grace – The Next Generation.

How many of Grace’s grandsons enlist and how many return? These brave men experience life in the trenches at Gallipoli and then go on to fight the Germans at the Battle of the Somme.

What is life like for the ones who return? How hard is it for the wives? Grace is the matriarch of her large family and is living a happy life with Ralph in her beautiful home in Elizabeth Bay and returning quite often to her Manly house.

The story follows the lives of her grandchildren and great grandchildren during the 20s, 30s up until the beginning of World War II.

Pam’s books are available on her web site –

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 Children's Storytime at Mona Vale Library

Mona Vale Library offers storytime for pre-school children every week during school terms. Children and their carers come and participate in a fun sing-a-long with our story teller as well as listen to several stories in each session, followed by some craft. Storytime is held in the Pelican Room of the library in front of the service desk. Storytime is free and no bookings are required. Storytime Sessions

Tuesdays  10.00am - 11.00am
Wednesdays  10.00am - 11.00am
Thursdays  10.00am - 11.00am

Seeing Saltwater Country

Foreword by Dr. Jeff McMullen AM
The Dampier Peninsula in Australia’s north-west is home to many remote Aboriginal communities. Painter Dale Kentwell and photographer Sally Mayman have collaborated with the people of the region in a series of portraits that depicts remote community life and celebrates the beauty of a place unlike any other. At the heart of these portraits is a strong and enduring connection to country. 
Sally Mayman has been a photographer since the 1980s, working professionally in London and Australia. Sally has specialised in photographing people and landscapes, with many clients from corporate, editorial and government organisations. 

Dale Kentwell has been a practising artist since the 1980s and works across different media. She completed an art certificate at TAFE NSW and a BA and MA in visual arts at UNSW Art and Design. She has studied bush regeneration and bush land management and continues to work in this field. 

This book will appeal to people interested in art and photography and to those wanting to learn more about Aboriginal cultures and communities. It will also appeal to tourists visiting Australia’s popular Kimberley region. 

The beautiful artwork featured is the result of a unique collaboration by artists Sally Mayman and Dale Kentwell with the people of the Dampier Peninsula. The authors have pledged to donate their royalties from sales of the book to the Dampier Peninsula communities to support further arts initiatives. 

The Dampier Peninsula is often in the news: most recently for the discovery of the world’s biggest dinosaur footprint in a region now recognised as one of the richest and most diverse for dinosaur tracks. Previously the Dampier Peninsula was associated with the local communities’ successful fight to save the area from becoming the site of a natural gas plant. 

Pub. Date  September 2017 
ISBN  9781925163704 
RRP  $45.00 AU 
Genre  Art, photography, Indigenous cultures 
Format  HB with jacket 275 h x 216 w mm 
Extent  104 pp 


Writers Live - Sally Mayman and Dale Kentwell introduce Seeing Saltwater Co...
by Berkelouw Books, Mona Vale

You are invited to meet Sally Mayman and Dale Kentwell when they introduce their new book Seeing Saltwater Country.
The Dampier Peninsula in Australia's north-west is home to many remote Aboriginal communities, Painter Dale Kentwell and photographer Sally Mayman have collaborated with the people of the region in a series of portraits that depicts remote community life and celebrates the beauty of a place unlike any other. At the heart of these portraits is a strong and enduring connection to country.

"Sally Mayman and Dale Kentwell, with the camera and the canvas, have beautifully conveyed in an honest and warm-hearted way what country means to the Aboriginal people living on Saltwater Country in the Dampier Peninsula. Listen to their stories. Listen to the country sing to us all." - Dr. Jeff McMullen AM

DATE AND TIME: Thu. 21 September 2017, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm 
LOCATION: Berkelouw Books
12-14 Park St
Mona Vale, NSW 2103
Tickets: $15.62 - $ 5.00 of which will be credited against any purchases made on the evening.

The Meaning Of Cricket

by Jon Hotten
Paperback: $24.99
ABC Books Stock Status: Register your interest! Available 31/10/2017. 

Cricket is a strange game. It is a team sport that is almost entirely dependent on individual performance. Its combination of time, opportunity and the constant threat of disaster can drive its participants to despair. To survive a single delivery propelled at almost 100 miles an hour takes the body and brain to the edges of their capabilities, yet its abiding image is of the gentle village green, and the glorious absurdities of the amateur game.

In The Meaning of Cricket, Jon Hotten attempts to understand this fascinating, frustrating and complex sport. Blending legendary players, from Vivian Richards to Mark Ramprakash, Kevin Pietersen to Ricky Ponting, with his own cricketing story, he explores the funny, moving and melancholic impact the game can have on an individual life.

 Green Wing Press - The Red Light of Palm Beach

It is with great joy, and at least one small leap into the air, that we announce the launch of Green Wing Press Pty. Ltd, the hard copy publishing arm of which Pittwater Online News is now a subsidiary.

To commence this 'branch' of our ever expanding passion to create and share permanent records of our stories, we have the very great privilege of announcing the first book we will sell is Jervis Sparks's'The Red Light Of Palm Beach'.

Bridget and Jervis are doing well in Queensland and we know a lot here miss them. We will bring you more news soon... Jervis has kindly consented to allowing us to run a Profile on him in October and there is a lot to talk of there !

Copies may be purchased for a minuscule $25.00 by contacting us at and providing your details. Please put 'Red Light of Palm Beach' in your subject heading and provide details of a delivery or postage address. Once payment is confirmed you will own your own copy of this great book. You can also post a cheque/money order to the office; 724 Barrenjoey Road, Avalon, 2017, if this works better for you.

UPDATE: We have placed some copies of The Red Light Of Palm Beach at Barrenjoey Boating Services, at The Boat House, Palm Beach where you can buy them after a yummy breakfast or lunch.

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