October 14 - 20, 2018: Issue 379

Old Books: October 2018 - read in full here: online!

Rambles And Observations In New South Wales By Joseph Phipps Townsend (1849), The Forest Flora Of New South Wales By J. H. Maiden (1902) and Geography Of New South Wales By J. M. Taylor (1912)

Steam Australia: Locomotives that Galvanised the Nation

Tim Fischer
National Library of Australia: November 1st, 2018 $39.99
In 'Steam Australia', Tim Fischer takes readers into the fascinating story of steam transportation over ten vital decades of transformation in Australia's history. 

The book also covers the great named express trains hauled by steam locomotives over the decades, such as 'Puffing Billy', Robert Gordon Menzies or 'The Ghan'. Special topics feature things such as Albury's 'break of gauge' platform (where two state track systems met), the Amiens branch line (running through Pozieres and Passchendaele stations in Queensland), some important characters such as C.Y. O'Connor and many more. 

The book is illustrated with over 300 exciting images from the superb National Library John Buckland collection of photography, many never seen before. 

Steam locomotives continue to operate as a key part of rail heritage tourism in Australia, demonstrating the ongoing legacy of these engines. The great age of steam in Australia and Fischer's salute to steam locomotion and all that it has achieved for this country is fascinating and captivating to both train novices and enthusiasts alike.

A Photographic Exploration

By James Dorey
CSIRO Publishing - $49.99
Published October 2018
Discover the beauty and diversity of Australia's native bees.
Bees are the darlings of the insect world. It is a joy to see these insects hard at work, peacefully buzzing from flower to flower. Many people recognise the worth of bees, as well as that they face multiple threats. But very few know about the diversity and importance of our native bee species. There are an estimated 2000 to 3000 bee species in Australia, yet we know very little about the vast majority of these and there are many that are yet to be described.

Bees of Australia introduces some of our incredible native bees, many of which, if you look closely, can be found in your own garden. Open this book wherever you like or read it from cover to cover. The combination of photography and contributions from some of Australia’s leading bee researchers allows anyone to become enthralled by our native bees. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking closer at every flower that you pass in search of our wonderful native bees.

Midnight at the Library

Ursula Dubosarsky
National Library of Australia: November 1st, 2018: $24.99
In 'Midnight at the Library', critically-acclaimed author, Ursula Dubosarsky, and award-winning illustrator, Ron Brooks, traverse space and time, telling the story of a book throughout history. The author and illustrator piece together the story of a book that was opened and loved, given and taken, closed and lost, found and forgotten before being discovered, uncovered and preserved in a library. 

Beautifully written and splendidly illustrated, this is a story about the inception, creation and preservation of books and culture. This evocative children's book has vast educational potential and is sure to captivate the hearts of book-lovers across the nation, encouraging them to find their own book of wonder. Brilliantly evocative and exceptionally engaging, there is something undeniably magical about Dubosarsky and Brooks' ageless story, 'Midnight at the Library'. 

Nurses of Australia: The Illustrated Story

Deborah Burrows
National Library of Australia: November 1st, 2018 $34.99
From the First Nation caregivers who healed, birthed and nursed for millennia to the untrained and ill-equipped convict men and women who cared for the sick in the fledgling colony of New South Wales, nursing has been practised in Australia since the beginning. 

It would take the arrival of a group of dedicated Irish nuns, followed by Florence Nightingale-trained nurses - and decades of constant and continuing campaigning - to transform nursing into what it is today: the most trusted profession in Australia. 

Nurses will recognise their own lived experience in stories about training days, nurses' quarters, changing uniforms, changing roles, the arrival of male nurses and current pathways to nursing. Produced in collaboration with the Australian College of Nursing and the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives, with additional information provided by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, this is the story of nursing in Australia.

Guide to Venomous and Medically Important Invertebrates

David Bowles, James Swaby, Harold Harlan
CSIRO: Paperback - November 2018 - AU $59.99
An illustrated guide to aid identification, provide protection measures and guidance on treatment.

Though many are harmless and even beneficial, invertebrates are some of the world’s most feared and dangerous creatures.

Guide to Venomous and Medically Important Invertebrates describes the health threats posed by invertebrate groups worldwide, from physical pain and annoyance to disease transmission risk. Featuring clear photographs, distribution maps and descriptions of biological, physical and behavioural characteristics of key groups, this book aids identification of potentially harmful invertebrates. It also summarises personal protection measures to reduce the risk of attack and disease, and provides guidance on treatment.

This book will help to protect the health of travellers and serve as a reference for medical personnel working in high-risk areas, as well as those interested in entomology.

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