June 17 - 23, 2018: Issue 364

Old Books: June 2018 - read in full here: online!

Rambles And Observations In New South Wales By Joseph Phipps Townsend (1849), The Forest Flora Of New South Wales By J. H. Maiden (1902) and Geography Of New South Wales By J. M. Taylor (1912)

A Story of Coral Bleaching

Small Friends Books
Ailsa Wild, Aviva Reed, Briony Barr, Gregory Crocetti
This is a story about coral bleaching, told by the tiniest creatures on the reef.

With her home under threat from a warming ocean, Zobi, a brave rhizobia bacterium, teams up with a family of slow but steady Zoox (zooxanthellae). As the coral bleaches, everyone begins to starve...

Can Zobi and the Zoox work together to save the day?

This beautifully illustrated science-adventure story, set on the Great Barrier Reef, was originally published in 2015, but has been extensively re-written and revised to delight and captivate primary school-aged readers.

Zobi and the Zoox: A Story of Coral Bleaching is the first in the new Small Friends Books series – Stories of Partnership and Cooperation in Nature.

The Contented Bee

by Organic Gardener Magazine
$25.00 - ABC Books - August 2018 Pre-order now and save
All the buzz on keeping backyard bees - an informative and inspirational handbook full of advice, experience and stories from experts and enthusiasts.

With bees worldwide in deadly peril, Australians are keen to lend a helping hand. Keeping a hive or three has become a popular lifestyle trend - and it's more achievable than you might think.

Whether you're in the inner city, suburbs or on acreage, keeping bees can be easy, low-fuss and fun for the whole family to get involved in - imagine bottling your very own honey! This lively guide features inspirational experiences and gorgeous photos from scores of enthusiasts across Australia who have sweetened their lives by keeping bees.

Practical chapters by a range of experts give the low-down on getting started, caring for your bees, harvesting your honey and wax (with recipes), troubleshooting, what to plant to help out your little workers, and great information on the popular option of keeping native stingless bees.

The Contented Bee will inspire you to help out the bees - and enrich your own life, too!

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Reading the Landscape: A Celebration of Australian Writing: (UQP's 70th Anniversary Anthology)

NLA - UQP $29.95 - Published May 28, 2018
Featuring 25 of the greatest Australian writing names from UQP's past and present, this unique publishing project will showcase specially commissioned fiction, non-fiction and poetry by Australia's finest writers on themes such as legacy, country, vision and hope. 

Participating authors include-

- Ali Alizadeh, Venero Armanno, Larissa Behrendt, Lily Brett, Gabrielle Carey, Peter Carey, Matthew Condon, David Brooks, - Karen Foxlee, KBri GYslason, Rodney Hall, Steven Herrick, Sarah Holland-Batt, Nicholas Jose, Mireille Juchau, Julie Koh, Melissa Lucashenko, Patti Miller, David Malouf, James Moloney, Jaya Savige, Josephine Rowe, Peter Skrzynecki, Samuel Wagan Watson
and Ellen van Neerven

The ABC Book Of Places To Go

Helen Martin and Judith Simpson
$12.99 - ABC Books - July 23, 2018 - Pre-order now and save

This charming picture book celebrates the fun and excitement of places we can visit, both close to home and far away. The simple, engaging text explores fascinating places such as the library, the zoo, the lighthouse and many more.An adventurous book that is a delightful introduction to the world beyond our backyard.

Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands
Edited by:
Harold Heatwole, Jodi Rowley
Hardback - June 2018 by CSIRO - $160.00

Aims to stimulate research into halting amphibian declines and to improve decisions about conservation.

Amphibians are among the most threatened groups of animals on earth. In part due to their highly permeable skin, amphibians are highly sensitive to environmental changes and pollution and provide an early-warning system of deteriorating environmental conditions. The more we learn about the impact of environmental changes on amphibians, the better we as humans will be able to arrest their demise, and our own.

Status of Conservation and Decline of Amphibians brings together the current knowledge on the status of the unique frogs of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. Although geographically proximate, each region presents unique challenges and opportunities in amphibian research and conservation. This book contributes to an understanding of the current conservation status of the amphibians of each region, aims to stimulate research into halting amphibian declines, and provides a better foundation for making conservation decisions. It is an invaluable reference for environmental and governmental agencies, researchers, policy-makers involved with biodiversity conservation, and the interested public.

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